So long heat wave! (?)

What’s this? Do I feel a chill? After last week’s sweltering heat, this week has been a cozy welcome of cooler temperatures. I bet the local power grid is feeling a bit less stressed.

Some summer shots around our farm…. enjoy!

Last Week (aka hot hot hot) :

Fencing and incorporating some new shady shelter for our outdoor pigs.

Peeking out from under his lookout. Ran right back into the shade after a thorough glaring session!

Caught in the act!

So that’s why the water’s always dirty.. and half filled!

Enjoying the sprinklers in the 100° heat wave!

Not all organisms avoid the sun, some rather thrive in it!

Not all organisms avoid the sun, some rather thrive in it!

This Week:

Oh, hello there!

Such vibrant colors!

Come Walk Through Our Beautiful Flowers!

Farm and Animals 2 048 Farm and Animals 2 020 Farm and Animals 2 030

Three week old broiler chicken exploring her new grassy surroundings. Also assessing the integrity of her new mobile hoophouse.

A Tamworth-Berkshire Cross, curious about the camera.

The great bagel chase!

Our Black Angus Steers.

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