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Sweet Corn- non GMO and organically grown

This year we are growing Sweet Corn! Farmer Anthony and John are taking this task on for the first time. We are using is a non-GMO seed from Johnny’s Organic’s Seeds in NJ. As always, it will be grown with organic methods.

One of the challenges we face when growing this crop in this region is the earworm. This menace eats the husk (ear) of the developing corn and can ruin a whole harvest if we don’t act in time. One of the  differences with planting Non-GMO corn is dealing with these pests in a more natural way. GMO corn is modified so that the plant is resistant to Roundup Spray. This means that when a whole field is sprayed, the plant doesn’t get damaged along the way and all the pests die off. We are also trying out a biodegradable row cover to prevent weeds.

Sine we haven’t sprayed the corn fields with anything at all, a lot of our harvest has been compromised with bugs. We are selling 6 ears for $3 at the Farm Store, it does need some TLC before cooking! Cleaning and cutting off the edges where the ear worm did damage. It is worth the work if we may say so, so sweet and delicious, yum.


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Turkey Time!!!

It’s here! Thanksgiving 2019 is right around the corner, and we have a lot of turkeys in a verity of sizes for the centerpiece of you Thanksgiving dinner. We again, like all years past are growing the broad breasted white turkey. Order sheet samples are below, you can pick one up in the farm store to fill out and leave the $40 deposit per turkey. If you haven’t had the experience of a Lima Family Farms turkey before you will truly not be disappointed!

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Summer Time

Summer is in full swing at the farm! All our summer veggies like; heirloom & slicing tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, potatoes and more are all available at our new farm store which opened in May.

Being that it is summer we also have our full stock of beef, pork, fresh chickens, and eggs available at the farm store or say hello to Anthony at the Princeton market at Hinds Square every Thursday from 10-3.

Be sure to stay tuned for updates on Thanksgiving turkey reservations here and on our Facebook and instagram pages to keep you informed!

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