Pastured Poultry: Hens & Eggs

Our hens are raised outside on pasture grass where they are free to forage, scratch and dust bathe out in the sunshine and fresh air. Their access to sun and grass allow them to absorb more vitamins, which they pass on to our delicious eggs. If you compare one of our eggs side by side with a store bought egg, the color difference in the yolks is obvious. Ours are a bright, beautiful orange, and the store bought eggs are pale yellow. This is due to the beta-carotene content of pasture-raised eggs.

The other advantage of having our chickens on pasture is that they fertilize our fields and eat parasites that could otherwise potentially infect our cattle.

To lay their eggs and to sleep, our hens have access to portable houses that are moved daily to fresh pasture.



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9 thoughts on “Pastured Poultry: Hens & Eggs

  1. David

    Hi – Are your hens 100% pasture-raised or do you supplement their diet with grains? If you do supplement, do you do that all year or just during the winter months?

    • Hi David,
      The two aren’t mutually exclusive. They are pasture-raised all the time, all year round, however they do also get fed non-GMO grain that includes corn and soybeans, as well as organic minerals. This is important to keeping their production at a profitable level.

      • David

        Thanks very much. I had been thinking 100% pasture-raised means 100% pasture-fed. I’m interested in this because of the implications for the fatty acid profile of the eggs. Hens that are fed grains produce eggs with an unfavorable Omega-3/Omega-6 fatty acid ratio. If flax seed were substituted for the corn and soy, even partially, that ratio would be much better. Is that a possibility?

  2. Karen

    Are your chickens and eggs antibiotic free?

  3. Thank you for your inquiry! Unfortunately, we do not yet have a process to find and sell out fertile eggs at the farm yet. If this changes, we will be sure to update you!

  4. Flo Loughlin

    Do you sell fertile chicken eggs. We are you neighbors on a well red and have a hen that is sitting. We would only need 3 or 4.

  5. Chris Donga

    I purchased your eggs at West Windsor Farm Mkt a few weeks ago. How long will they last for?

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