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While we cater to individual customers at our store; we also partner with local businesses. Check out the list of vendors we currently serve below. If you are a restaurant owner, retailer, school, food center, or expecting a small or large gathering, please use the form below to get in touch. We’d love to hear from you!

Our partners include:

Chefs that want to cook seasonally and get creative with their menu, while boosting the health of their customers.

Restaurant owners that want their food to travel less to get to their kitchen, increase customer awareness, and capitalize on the marketability in this new era of eating high-quality locally sourced products.

Grocery store owners who want to unlock the potential of supporting their local economy and increase non-traditional foot traffic for people who desire seasonal items.

The health-conscious party planners that take pride in providing fresh foods and better nutrition for their guests.

Elementary, Middle or High Schools that want to set an example to their students by being a good role model and take a stand for the environment.


Nourish To Heal - Feel Good FootJohn Lima, Owner of Lima Family Farms and Anthony and Nicole Piazza, Owners of Nourish to Heal, partner to provide a no subscription, locally sourced and chef-prepared meal service delivered to your door. Nourish to Heal serves Hunterdon, Somerset and Warren County, NJ.

Whole Earth Center of Princeton

Lima Family Farms - Partners - Whole Earth Center of Princeton

Meeting House

Lima Family Farms - Partners - Meeting House Restaurant


Lima Family Farms - Partners - Lillipies

Pag’s Pub

Lima Family Farms - Partners - Pag’s Pub

Zone 7

Lima Family Farms - Partners - Zone 7

Bone-In Food

Lima Family Farms - Partners - Bone-In Food

Nourish To Heal

Nourish To Heal - Feel Good Food


Ironbound Farm & Ciderhouse

Mt. Salem Farm

In-Store Product(s): Lamb

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