Thanksgiving Turkeys

Our 2019 Pastured Turkeys

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Our turkeys are truly special as they live their lives outside on our green grass, in the sunshine and foraging as they were naturally meant to do. The supplemental grain they get is non-GMO and local. This of course makes them taste wonderful, but can also make you feel good that as you sit down to give thanks you are supporting a sustainable food system.



        You can ONLY make a reservation in person at our farm store or at the Princeton Farmer’s Market.*

          *We do not take reservations via phone or email


The price is $5.50/lb and we have 3 weight ranges to choose from: the 13-14 lb range, the 15-19 lb range and the 20-24+ lb range.


Will occur on the Tuesday  (2pm-5pm) and Wednesday (10am-2pm) prior to Thanksgiving at our farm store (826 Amwell Rd., Hillsborough, NJ). The turkeys will be fresh and vacuum-sealed.

If you have any questions please contact us at 908-336-8238 or



Thank you for your support all season! We greatly appreciate it!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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