Price List

The following list is representative of items that we carry but does not guarantee current availability. 

Pastured Chickens

Fresh or frozen whole chicken $5/lb  

Fresh or frozen stewing hen  $4.75/lb

Necks                      $3.25/lb

Livers, Hearts, Feet       $4.25/lb

Gizzards                $5.50/lb

Chicken Parts 

Boneless Breast         $13.25 /lb

Leg/Thigh combo      $6.75/ lb

Wings                          $4.35/lb

Chicken Backs (Carcass) $3.25/lb

Whole Chicken Cut up (includes 2 breast, 2 wings, 2 leg thigh)  $7.50 /lb

Pastured Eggs 

Small $3.50/dz (available only in the spring)

Large  $5.25/dz

Jumbo $6./dz

Super Jumbo $7/dz

Pastured Pork

Sausage                  $9/lb   (1 lb packs)          

Available in: Hot Italian, Sweet Italian, Maple Breakfast link, Loose Sage Breakfast, Country style, Chorizo, Pepper & Onion, Andouille, Brawtwurst, Parsley and Cheese

Kielbasa                   $10/lb (1 lb packs)

Ground Pork           $6.75/lb  (1 lb packs)

Loin Pork Chops    $10.60/ lb            (includes tenderloin, individually packaged, ~0.75-1 lb))  

Rib Chops                $9.55/lb (individually packaged, ~0.5 lbs)

Boneless Chops      $10.60/lb (individually packaged, ~0.5 lbs)

Pork Cutlets            $11.50 /lb

Pork Tenderloin Filet  $16 /lb

Country Ribs           $7.50 /lb (~2 lbs per pack)

Spare Ribs               $ 9/lb (~3-4 lbs)

Baby Back Ribs       $12.75/lb (~2 lbs, email for availability as this item sells quickly)

Bacon  (nitrate free)  $11.50/lb         (1 lb packs)       

Fresh Pork Belly, Sliced  $11/lb (1 lb packs)

Hot Dogs  (nitrate free)  $10.50/lb  (1 lb packs)

Pork Shoulder             $9.00/lb   (~2-3 lbs)

Pork Butt                      $8.50/lb   (~2-3 lbs)

Smoked Ham Hock      $5.50/ lb   (~0.5-1 lb)

Fresh Ham Hock    $4.25/lb

Pork Kebab Cubes (for skewers) $8/lb  (1 lb packs)

Pork Osso Bucco (shanks) $6/lb

Jowl Bacon (Guanciale) $10/lb (available at certain times, email for availability)

Pork Bones             $2/lb

Kidney, Liver, Heart    $2/lb (weight varies)

Pork feet (trotters) $2.99/lb

Grass-Fed Beef  

Ground Beef -85/15            $5.50/lb (1 lb packs)  

Ground Sirloin-95/5       $9/lb (1 lb packs)

Burgers (4 per 1 lb pack)  $8.50/lb (1 lb packs)

Boneless Rib-eye     $20/lb (~0.5-0.75 lbs)

Rib Steak  (bone-in) $18/lb (~1 lb)

Tenderloin (Filet Mignon)      $25.50/lb (5-8 ozs.)

Strip Steak                $19/lb  (~0.5-0.75 lbs)

Porterhouse           $21/lb (~1 lb)

T-Bone Steak           $18/lb (~1 lb)

Flank Steak              $19/lb (~1 lb)

Flat Iron                   $10.60/lb

Hanger Steak          $10.60 /lb

Skirt Steak               $1- /lb (~0.75 lb)

Boneless Sirloin Steak             $15/lb (~1-1.5 lbs)

Top Sirloin                                $17/lb (~0.5-0.75 lbs)

Bone In Sirloin                         $14 /lb

Chip Steak (Shaved Beef)  $11/lb (1 lb packs)

Boneless Chuck Roast  $9.00 /lb (~2-4 lbs)

Brisket                      $11.65/lb (~2-3 lbs)

Top Round London Broil   $10.50/lb (~1-2 lbs)

Short Ribs                 $8.50/lb  (~2 lbs)

Eye Round Roast     $11/lb  (~2-3 lbs)

Bottom Round Roast $8 /lb

Rump Roast       $8/lb (limited availability)

Beef Cubes (stew)   $9.50/lb (1 lb packs)

Beef Sirloin Cubes (Kebabs) $12/lb (1 lb packs, available in the summer)


Soup bones- 3-4 lb packs, $4.00/lb

Knuckle bones- 3-4 lb packs, $3.50/lb

Marrow Bones- 1.5-2 lb packs, $5.00/lb (On waiting list only)

Beef Shanks (Shin Meat)  $6.50/lb (~1 lb)

Organs: weights vary

Liver $6.00/lb

Heart $4.50/lb

Kidney $3.75/lb

Tongue $6.35/lb

Beef fat $3.50/lb

Suet $3.00/lb

Grass-Fed Lamb (Mt. Salem Farm in Pittstown, NJ) 

Ground Lamb $13/lb

Lamb Patties $14/lb

Rack $25/lb

Lamb lion chop $21/lb

Lamb rib chop $21/lb

Sausage, lamb $14/lb

Other Products

Dairy (milk, ice cream) from Hun-Val Dairy.

BBQ sauce, salsas, marinara sauce, Bloody Mary mix all from Dogwood Farms

Local honey from S&J Apiary Sourland Honey.

Cookies made by Amy

Elderberry syrup kits $8, by Faith

Pancake mix and Lilli Bars from LilliPies

 *Prices are subject to change*

**Prices all reflect the price at the on-property farm store. Prices may vary at markets and retail stores**


Pre-order specialty cuts that aren’t on our price list. Call (908)336-8238 or email us

To fill any special orders to be picked up at the Princeton market, please e-mail us and we will have the order waiting for you the day of market.

You can also stop by our on-property farm store during open hours.

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