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Sweet Harvest and Shortening Days

colourful_autumn_leaves-HDIt’s that time of the year again, when t-shirts are covered with sweaters and sandals turn into boots. For farmers, however, our boots know no seasons nor their changes.

Our well-worn boots have weathered both the cold of last winter as well as the heat of this summer and all temperatures in between. With the inevitable fall of autumn leaves and the brisk chill that comes with a shortened day, we can almost spy the culmination of our efforts. All year we plan for Thanksgiving, a holiday that reaps all the (delicious) rewards of our hard work. Time has flown since the little white and wide-eyed poults (turkey chicks) have left the brooder for greener pastures, running and chasing insects and most importantly growing healthy muscles and tender meat. By the time the holidays roll around, our Toms (Male Turkeys) will average between 18 to 24 pounds and our Hens (Female Turkeys) will average smaller at 14 to 19 pounds. (*Note: some turkeys will be outliers and be larger/smaller than these averages).

Bountiful harvest joins the markets as Taylor and her merry crew harvest in a frenzy to keep up with demand. Back in stock is our savory kale, spicy arugula and crunchy chard! Mix it with some of our delicious beets, roasted in some rosemary and olive oil, and you’ll have the perfect salad.


Our Music Hard-Neck Garlic

For those that have visited our farm, you likely have met our two resident heritage turkeys, our tom Richard and our hen Lady Bird (both hatched at Frank Reese’s Good Shepherd Farm). Richard is a Heritage Standard Bronze and Lady is a Heritage White Holland.




Lady Bird

This party of two have been joined with their, now almost fully grown, progeny most commonly known as  “Little Richard”, ”Única” or “The Wild One”. We’re not yet sure if this one is a young lady or gentleman but we will certainly keep you all updated once we know for sure! As the amount of light in the day decreases, you might notice a fair share of feathers lying amongst the fallen leaves. This change in daylight is significant for many birds as their bodies begin to shed off old feathers to grow new ones. During this transition, these birds are in high stress and in need of a high protein intake (feathers are ~85% protein!). Lady is in the process of this regeneration and we are feeding her a high protein diet (truthfully she takes care of herself by nipping off the tops of all newly spouted grasses). Currently her pin-feathers (new developing feathers) are growing in quite nicely and she should be ready with her new coat in a few weeks (right before the true cold comes!).

Lady's feathers on the ground.

Lady’s feathers on the ground.

We’re keeping our eyes on Richard who is still strutting around with his full plumage at no haste!

Our Thanksgiving Turkeys

Our Thanksgiving Turkeys

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So long heat wave! (?)

What’s this? Do I feel a chill? After last week’s sweltering heat, this week has been a cozy welcome of cooler temperatures. I bet the local power grid is feeling a bit less stressed.

Some summer shots around our farm…. enjoy!

Last Week (aka hot hot hot) :

Fencing and incorporating some new shady shelter for our outdoor pigs.

Peeking out from under his lookout. Ran right back into the shade after a thorough glaring session!

Caught in the act!

So that’s why the water’s always dirty.. and half filled!

Enjoying the sprinklers in the 100° heat wave!

Not all organisms avoid the sun, some rather thrive in it!

Not all organisms avoid the sun, some rather thrive in it!

This Week:

Oh, hello there!

Such vibrant colors!

Come Walk Through Our Beautiful Flowers!

Farm and Animals 2 048 Farm and Animals 2 020 Farm and Animals 2 030

Three week old broiler chicken exploring her new grassy surroundings. Also assessing the integrity of her new mobile hoophouse.

A Tamworth-Berkshire Cross, curious about the camera.

The great bagel chase!

Our Black Angus Steers.

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Summer Time!


Summer time is here at the farm!

Our production level is heading towards maximum capacity as we raise fresh, local, healthy food for you. Stop in our farm store or visit us at one of our farmer’s markets for our grass-fed beef, pork and chicken, as well as pastured eggs and fresh veggies! Remember, we farm without the use of synthetic pesticides and herbicides and we do not treat our animals with antibiotics or hormones. Check out our price list for product availability and sign up for our newsletter for weekly updates! We hope to see you soon!


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