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The following list is representative of items that we carry, but not a guarantee of their current availability. Please email us for questions about specific availability.

Pastured Chicken


Whole, Free-Range Pastured chickens    Cornish Cross $4.50 /lb

Chicken organs are out of stock for the winter

Necks                      $3.00 /lb

Livers, Hearts                                     $3.50/ lb

Gizzards, Feet*                      $4.00/lb

 *With the popularity of bone broth, the feet are in higher demand. Please email for availability to avoid disappointment if you are coming specifically for feet

Pastured Eggs

Farm store pricing:     Small $3.50/dz (available only in the spring)

                                   Large  $4.50/dz

                                   Jumbo $5.50/dz

                                  Super Jumbo $6.50/dz

Pastured Pork

Sausage                  $8/lb   (1 lb packs)          Available in: Hot Italian, Sweet Italian, Maple Breakfast link, Loose Sage Breakfast, Country style, Chorizo, Pepper and Onion

Kielbasa                   $9/lb (1 lb packs)

Ground Pork           $7/lb  (1 lb packs)

Loin Pork Chops    $9.50/ lb            (includes tenderloin, individually packaged, ~0.75-1 lb))  

Rib Chops                $9/lb (individually packaged, ~0.5 lbs)

Boneless Chops      $10/lb (individually packaged, ~0.5 lbs)

Country Ribs           $8/lb (~2 lbs per pack)

Spare Ribs               $ 8.50/lb (~3-4 lbs)

Baby Back Ribs       $12/lb (~2 lbs, email for availability as this item sells quickly)

Bacon  (nitrate free) $10/lb         (1 lb packs)       

Fresh Pork Belly, Sliced $10/lb (1 lb packs)

Hot Dogs  (nitrate free) $10/lb  (1 lb packs)

Pork Shoulder             $8.50/lb   (~2-3 lbs)

Pork Butt                      $8/lb   (~2-3 lbs)

Fresh Ham                   $8/lb   By request

Smoked Ham                $9/lb  By request

Smoked Ham Hock      $5/ lb   (~0.5-1 lb)

Pork Kebab Cubes (for skewers) $8/lb  (1 lb packs)

Pork Loin Roast $9/lb (~3 lbs) By request

Pork Cutlets (scallopini) $11/lb (~0.5 lbs) Check for availability

Pork Osso Bucco (shanks) $6/lb

Jowl Bacon (Guanciale) $10/lb (available at certain times, email for availability)

Pork Bones             $2/lb

Kidney, Liver, Heart    $2/lb (weight varies)

Grass-Fed Beef  

Ground Beef -85/15            $6.50/lb (1 lb packs)

Ground Sirloin-95/5       $8/lb (1 lb packs)

Burgers (4 per 1 lb pack)  $8/lb (1 lb packs)

Boneless Rib-eye     $19/lb (~0.5-0.75 lbs)

Rib Steak  (bone-in) $16/lb (~1 lb)

Tenderloin (Filet Mignon)      $23/lb (5-8 ozs.)

Strip Steak                $19/lb  (~0.5-0.75 lbs)

Porterhouse           $20/lb (~1 lb)

T-Bone Steak           $17/lb (~1 lb)

Flank Steak              $18/lb (~1 lb)

Skirt Steak               $17- /lb (~0.75 lb)

Sirloin Steak             $15/lb (~1-1.5 lbs)

Top Sirloin                $16/lb (~0.5-0.75 lbs)

Flat Iron                    $10/lb (~0.5 lbs) (limited availability)

Hanger Steak           $10/lb (~0.5 lbs) (limited availability)

Chip Steak (Shaved Beef)  $11/lb (1 lb packs)

Boneless Chuck Roast  $8/lb (~2-4 lbs)

Brisket                      $11/lb (~2-3 lbs)

Top Round London Broil   $10.50/lb (~1-2 lbs)

Short Ribs                 $8/lb  (~2 lbs)

Eye Round Roast     $11/lb  (~2-3 lbs)

Bottom Round Roast $8.50/lb

Rump Roast $9/lb (limited availability)

Beef Cubes (stew)   $9/lb (1 lb packs)

Beef Sirloin Cubes (Kebabs) $12/lb (1 lb packs, available in the summer)

Ox Tail                      $10/lb (~1 lb) (limited quantities, email for availability)

Beef Shanks (Shin Meat)   $6/lb (~1 lb)

Bones- Neck and Knuckle bones- 3-4 lb packs, $3/lb, Marrow Bones- 1.5-2 lb packs, $3.50/lb 

** Due to the popularity of bone broth, we are taking preorders for bones. Please email us specifying what type of bones and the weight you would like to get on the preorder list. It can take us up to 3-4 weeks to fill orders due to demand and butchering schedules. Please also note that marrow bones tend to be the most popular, but are also what we get the least of per animal so these orders may take longer to fill.***

Organs – liver, heart, kidney, tongue      $3/lb (weights vary)


*Prices are subject to change*

**Prices all reflect the price at the on-property farm store. Prices may vary at markets and retail stores**


Pre-ordering for pick up at the farm store and markets is available via email. Simply send an email to with your order and we will have it ready for pick up. Please keep in mind we can only provide this service during hours that the farm store is open for retail sale (Please specify day of pick up in your email order).

To fill any special orders to be picked up at the Princeton market, please e-mail us and we will have the order waiting for you the day of market.

You can also stop by our on-property farm store during open hours.


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